The Good Fight

It was fairly late that night and I had just put my kids to bed. I was debating on playing Apex or continuing Watchmen when I got a text. It was from an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in a while so it was a pleasant surprise. I opened the message and it was short and simple. She just wanted to check in on me to make sure me and my family was doing well. She heard there were protests and riots nearby and was just checking in.

I cried

Not a lot… just a little.

We talked via text for about an hour, just kinda catching up. It was a nice distraction and really refreshing to hear from her.

The next day while at work my friend sent me another text. This one much longer than the first. It started out with a Thank You. She said she was embarrassed to admit that she learned this so late in life but that our conversations made her a better person. She explained that she knew it wasn’t my place to try to teach her anything about race, race relations or the discrimination that I faced but she appreciated the conversations that we had.

And there goes the tears….again….

I told her that I revealed as much as I did and answered her questions because I knew she would receive it. We talked some more throughout the rest of my shift and called it a night.

I think about that moment a lot now. To know that I actually helped someone become a better person feels great and inspiring. I was just sharing my history, my story, the TRUTH and the fact that it reached 1 person on a deeper level makes me proud. I know that 1 person isn’t enough but at least she has taken what I gave her and will pass it on.

Unfortunately, this is all I can really do right now. With a family to take care of, a house to tend to and a job to work there is little time for me to give back the way I use to. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into the groove of volunteering and teaching again but only time will tell. For now, I’ll hold on to this moment… the moment when I got confirmation that despite my circumstance…

I am still

Fighting The Good Fight

SIMS 4 on PS4

I waited until the end of February to download the SIMS 4 on my external hard drive. With just a few hours to spare I loaded her up and began the wonderful journey of creating the Blerd household.

I let my daughter design herself and her little brother and I took care of the rest. I was managing the awkward controls fairly well until it was time to build.

Never have I ever been so frustrated with building a house on a SIMS game! I had no problems on PC, no qualms with GameCube… but PS4…. you are my nemesis!

The Stuggle Is Real

I couldn’t find the right cursor speed. It was either too fast or too slow, rotating was nightmare and I gave up on my interior designs instincts.

I’m sure I could’ve avoided all of this heartache had I read the reviews before hand but nope. Not me! I wanted to look at it with fresh eyes…. eyes that filled with utter disappointment as I let my toddler walk around with a poopy diaper since I couldn’t get into my poorly placed bathroom.

My heart sank as my husband’s only option for dinner was a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and then my heart broke at the realization that he didn’t have a job.

I let out a deep sigh when I realized I forgot to get my toddler a bedroom and now I’m stuck with him sleeping in our bedroom in his toddler bed.

Luckily my daughters seemed to be okay and despite the fact that my sons are sleeping in the wrong beds they are happy.

Im only a few hours in so I will hold off on scoring the game for now but the prognosis doesnt look too good….

Oh… and our neighbors… they hate us

Witcher Me you Witcher III

I come to you Witcher

A noob in thine eyes

Ready to take part

In your glory divine

Sweet sorrow consumes

As I calmly realize

I didn’t partake

In your story, I cry

So forgive me my Witcher

It was never my desire

To ignore your pure spirit

Your demeanor, your fire

Silver is your hair

Your sword, your muse

I toss a coin to you Witcher

So please don’t refuse

By Any Means Necessary

CW: Crisis on Infinite Earths


I would like to take this time to geek out about Crisis…. I, for one, love the CW superhero world. It’s beautifully written, amazingly intricate, and they have black people… yes… black people!

Black Lightening has to be the most positive blackest blackety black thing I have come across in a long time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are lots of shows that feature a black cast… I KNOW THIS! But, this is the first super hero tv show that I’ve ever seen with a black cast.

The amount of love and respect that I have for this show is indescribable. There is a black father, in love with the black mother of his beautiful black children and they fight crime and defend their city. I just can’t get enough of this show!

But I digress…

This post is about a very short but significant point in the Batwoman Crisis episode. It takes place towards the end, when those that (Nash) has transported to another dimension that the Anti-Monitor can’t touch. They all vow to regain what they lost, they vow to seek justice for their lost loves ones and comrades.

It is at this point that I would lose my mind in my little cubicle (I was on lunch so don’t do me…) and nearly scream with excitement…. As each character says an affirmation nothing seems spectacular or even remotely note worthy, that is until the camera lands on Jefferson and Diggle.

Jefferson breathes in what could only be the strength of a thousand men and says…

We need justice

Diggle then looks at Jefferson with total and irrevocable solidarity and replies

By any means necessary

Now to most people this was just a cool moment but to me and my ancestors this was more than that. It was powerful! It was iconic! It was EVERYTHING!

They quoted MALCOLM X!


MALCOLM X was quoted in one of the most critical moments in the Crisis crossover episodes.

The look that they shared was full of stregenth, integrity, solidarity and…. dare I say it…. dey strenth’ o’ dey black pantha’

See what I did there!

Well… in all seriousness, that moment sent chills down my spine.

That qoute is full of history. Malcolm X said it in 1964 at the founding of the OAAU meeting. Malcolm X was preaching about not waiting for our freedom to be handed to us and to go out and take that freedom by any means necessary.

So many lives stolen, beaten, abused, misused… black people in America were tired of it. We are still TIRED of it.

To hear those words and see that solidarity between these two strong black men…. it hits home.

I was with them in that moment.

I felt connected in that moment.

I’ll never forget that moment in history.

By Any Means Necessary

Apex Legends: Season 3

As a late comer to Apex Legends I had a huge learning curve to master. I’m not great at FPS games but every now and then I find myself in the “ZONE.” This usually happens when I play alone and only rarely when I play with my husband. He is great at FPS games and I’m always embarassed at how horrible I am but he loves me anyway.

So imagine my suprise when I realized that I actually enjoy playing this game! In fact, I enjoy playing this game so much that I almost purchased some APEX coins…. key word is ALMOST! I have been frantically trying to level up and get enough points to unlock Caustic now that I have Mirage and then this happened….


Holy Guacamole!

I have NEVER been this excited about any FPS shooter coming out since Modern Warfare 3. And if I’m being completely honest, I was only excited about that because I was working at Best Buy and could get discounts on accessories.

The trailer finally released a few hours ago and I. JUST. CAN’T. EVEN!

Not only is there a new legend, a new gun, new skins and new Battle Pass content… THERE IS A NEW MAP!!!!!



From the images released in the trailer it appears that we are dropping in on a cold, wet, volcanic area equiped with trains, towers, and varying terrains.



Please check out the trailer below and leave me your thoughts!


I don’t know about you guys but I’ve already set my PS4 to automatically turn on, update and dowload the moment this update becomes available.

I’m not joking!



BlerdMom OUT!


Gravitas is a gravity bending puzzle game that is available for free on Steam. It has gathered dozens of positive reviews and recently released an update.

Upon the start of the game I immediately noticed the hilarious wit and sarcasm held by the Curator. A cute little robot that floats in the air and assists you as you learn the controls.

If you are hoping for more on this game unfortunately I got nothing for you. I really tried to get into this but I couldn’t get past Ascension.

Yes it’s the very first exhibit in the tutorial phase but it was awful to play. Maybe it’s my computer or maybe my graphics card sucks but either way I found the controls plagued with glitches and the motion controls were just too fast.

I’m not completely writing off Gravitas. Again, I think it might be due to my laptop’s abilities and not the developers. I’ll keep this game in my library and hopefully when I’m done upgrading my PC it will be a better experience.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer is a rhythm focused dungeon crawler game created by Brace Yourself Games, an independent game studio located in Canada. It combines everything that we love about games like Legend of Zelda and dance dance revolution into a 2D adventure full of funk, dance and punk…

Maybe not punk but it rhymed with funk

The game begins with Cadance proclaiming that she isn’t too young to enter the crypt as she uses her shovel to dig into the ground. She ultimately falls in and has her heart stolen by the NecroDancer. She is now forced to move to the beat while defeating the NecroDancer’s minions in an effort to find her missing father.



The music that this game uses is beyond its 2D elements. When someone thinks of 2D games you imagine a weird high pitch song that not only annoys you but gets stuck in your head at the most inopportune times. COTND has catchy, base driven music that I would be proud to play at my next family picnic!



The amount of detail that went into desgining the minions is evident. They are more than just a blob that does damage. They dance and move with the music just like you. In fact, the skeleton just happens to have the best dance moves I’ve seen so far.

Affordable DLC

It’s easy for companies to release an unfinished game and force their gamers to purchase the DLC for nearly the price of another full game. COTND doesnt do that. Each DLC was lower that the initial game price and many of them were on sale when I purchased my copy.



Honestly I think this is just me. I come from a musical family and for some reason I seem to have selective rhythm. It’s there but sometimes it disappears as I glitch in and out of the Matrix. So, I have a hard time keeping up with the Cadence (ha!). I don’t know if the rhythm in the game gets wonky after a while or if it’s me but I found myself losing the beat and my score streaks often.

It’s probably me…


I am marking this as con only because I was being cheap and decided to only get the game for $2.99 instead of just buying the game plus ALL of the DLC for $15. I’ll be kicking myself for a while…


Overall I give this game a 8.5/10

I will probably update this but I’m not done playing yet and this game is just too good for me not to talk about it.

2 Weeks To Champiom

I wrote an amazing post over a week ago. I was proud of it and felt that I had provided a great indepth review of my expereince with Apex Legends.

On the day I was going to publish the blog I opened up WordPress…from my phone…and the entire blog was gone…. poof!

So here I am…starting over…

I’ll keep this post short and sweet..


This is huge! Especially for someone like me.

I suck at FPS games. I hated 007 and only play Modern Warfare III because I was working at best buy as a Gaming Associate and wanted to participate in our midnight release…which was pretty amazing

Back to Apex

So… I’ve been playing Apex for about a month now… at the 2 week mark I was pretty good at ending up in the top 5 but never with an entire squad. In fact every time I finished 2nd it was by myself. This happened at least half a dozen times.

On this Saturday morning, like any other Saturday morning after I put my son down for his nap I decided to get a few games in.

I played 3 or 4 times and decided this next one would be my last since I needed to get lunch going soon. I jump into a game with a kid who sounded like they were no older than 11 years old.


I wasn’t thrilled about how the kid was talking to the other player before we even launched and the other player clearly felt the same way and dropped.

great its just me and the kid now

The kid then starts to brag about how they started playing the game yesterday and made champion 6 times.

yeah okay

I tell the kid that I’ve never made CHAMPION but can usually get to 2nd place by myself. The kid replies by saying “Oh, I’ma get you your first CHAMPION!”

Sure kid

We press on and after a while I discover that this kid may be telling the truth. I was low on health with no medkits when the kid found a level 1 shield and a level 3 shield. The kid gave me the level 3 shield. They said I needed it more than they did and they would go find some syringes and med kits for me to heal up.

After finding some health kits we quickly take out 2 squads and press on deeper into the ring. They use their grapping hook to get closer to a squad and start shooting. I shoot from affar with my Longbow (one of my fav guns in the game) and help down the target. As the target goes down another person starts shooting at my teammate. I switch to the R-99 (My other fav gun) and shoot at them until my teamate gets over to to them.

I then run over to the orignal guy that was down and after my teammate eliminates the other guy’s squadmate I use Bangalore’s finisher to take out this guy.

Then all of a sudden my screen says


We are freaking out! Super excited and the kid says “I told you I would get you your first win!”

You were right kid….you were right

I could easily be this kid’s mother but I was super grateful.

I hope to give my fiance the same experience.

He’s only been playing for 2 weeks so we gotta hurry up and make him a CHAMPION too.

My Week In Dragon Quest I

Sorry about the wait yall… my house was a sesspool of sickness 🤒🤒🤕🤕🤧🤧. You would’ve thought we had contracted the Phage!!!

Well, here is my review of DQI.

It was interesting….


Turned Based RPG

I absolutely love turned based RPGs. I personally feel that turned based fighting has an element of difficulty missing from most action based games RPGs. Turn based forces you to strategize for each turn and anticipate your opponent’s next move.

Ample foe

Every few seconds another battle would start and I loved it! Yes there is the annoying grind aspect to leveling up but at least I didn’t have to wonder too long to get started.

Quick Play Through

The reason this blog is called my week in Dragon Quest is because it took me just under a week to beat. This is crucial for a mobile game. I don’t think I would have enjoyed a lengthy game that ate up too much of my memory.


Does thou knoweth thy Shakespeare?

I wasn’t that crazy about the dialogue. Now, I love Shakespeare. I even took a class on Shakespearean literature in high school just for fun. However, this time I just didn’t like the flow. It felt forced and not natural. Yes, Shakespeare seems unnatural to the modern eyes but for someone who loves that stuff this was just weird. I found myself rereading text and still walking away like WTF?!

Dude Where’s My Car

I found little direction in what I was suppose to do and go. I ended up relying on walkthroughs just to figure out what to do next. At first I attributed my lack of direction to my inability to grasp their “Shakespeare” but after talking to the NPCs several times and getting no where I realized it wasn’t me. The game is designed this way… ugh…


Overall I give this game a 6.5 out of 10

It was great and I loved the final Boss fight (don’t worry no spoilers) but the odd Shakespeare language used combined with the lack of direction took away from the beauty and playability of the game.

I probably won’t play this again but it was good enough for me to want to continue to give the DQ series a go…

Shout out to The Mommy Gamers and especially KeebaPMS and her love of this series!

Till next time!


If The Shoe Fits….

Whew chile’!!!!

I finally got a chance to watch the new episode of The Patriot Act on Netflix. And boy does it deliver! I’ve been a huge fan of Hasan Minhaj since The Daily Show and am huge stan when it comes to his stand up comedy. Hasan dives head first into many issues like sexism, discrimination, burnout, low pay, racism, etc., all of which are running rampant in the gaming industry.

Unfortunately, I’m well aware of a lot of the issues brought up in this episode. As a newbie in tech I’ve made it my #1 priority to network with other successful women and learn from them.

A lot of women have been very open about their experiences and how damaging it can be to speak out when they have been accosted, assaulted, shamed, stalked and harassed. The response in my feed has been overwhelming positive. With support and exposure I believe we are on the cusp of a tech revolution.

One of the big take always I got from the episode is the desire to unionize the gaming industry. I fully support this effort. As a non union worker engaged to union worker I have seen the positive and negative aspects of unions. Despite its many flaws, unions were created to protect working men, and by extension women, from exploitative practices. Say what you want about them but they get the job done. And hopefully they can get the gaming industry in order.

Tune in next week for a review of Dragon Quest 1 Mobile!

Till then… GAME ON!